March 26th, 2008

abstract butterfly


I like that the city of Garland, where I work, continues to change in interesting ways.
One form of change is that a diverse new set of restaurants has begun to appear. This is a good change, because Garland, despite having a population near 200,000, was traditionally a bedroom community with too little diversity in its meal offerings.
In the past few months, though, a Peruvian restaurant opened near my office. Today I noticed that an African restaurant has opened down the street, which I must try out. I love to see this change in our local scene.

I listened with interest today to the fellow who is involved in the charity which installs solar power to rural villages "off the grid". As the competition for petroleum increases, I like to hear creative solutions for those whose economic circumstances make the prices particularly hard to address. I think it would be interesting to use solar for part of our own needs, in addition to good, old fashioned thrift and conservation.

I have three science fiction novels, and the will to read them this weekend. I saw more bluebonnets in bloom today--just a trickle for now, but increasing. I am nearing the end of a musical project that has taken me months. I am also finishing another project that has taken me mere weeks, but which I have edited and re-created more than a few things since I have begun.

I just realized that the physics centennial for my university falls in part on a day when I have court in California. C'est la vie, but I hope to attend the part that does not so fall in a scheduling conflict.