March 13th, 2008

abstract butterfly

resting bench

The dentist proved less discouraging than I feared. I fearlessly scheduled a follow-up.

The plane ride to Sacramento proved decidedly other than non-stop. I enjoyed, though, reading "Neighbors to the Birds" by Felton Gibbons and Deborah Storm, a set of profiles of American birdwatchers through history. I also finished Lyda Morehouse's "Messiah Node", a curious but overall interesting metaphyiscal sci-fi I picked up at a dollar store. I landed late, made my way to my hotel, and rose very early for a telephone conference.

The feeder outside my office is drawing cardinals now, in addition to the diligent visitations of the house sparrows.

I love the power of euphemism. For example, "I have a really busy schedule right now and just don't have the time I'd like" is a solid way to say "what you write bores me". I like, though, that people have these reading lists and they read or they do not read, they post or they do not post. Although I sometimes long for a few technological features like trackback and better flash hosting, Livejournal's sense of community survives even corporate changes and personal transitions.

I was pleased that one of my remixes of a poetry reading was released by the Resting Bench Remix Project and posted at the internet archive. The piece had a more "song-like" feel that some of my material fails to feature. I'd like to do more accompaniments of poetry and prose readings.

A character on the TV show "Angel" had a flashback scene of (supposedly) a character leaving central Texas, and it was amazing, with the mountains in the background, how much central Texas looked like southern California.

I signed up for an e-mail notification from the appellate court in New Orleans. Twice a day I get an e-mail about resolved cases. Each case is a little microcosm of story and life. Like gazing at a nebula in a telescope, it helps me appreciate just what a small piece of the overall puzzle I occupy. In contrast to the old song, I think that every story tells a thousand pictures.

I watched the Spike Lee bank heist film which starred Denzel Washington on cable. It's great to see a caper film done with a bright and workable edge.

I wish I did not have to fly this late afternoon and much of the evening. On the other hand, there are worse things that space and time to read. I wish I had brought my mp3 player booster, as the plane yesterday proved quite noisy.