February 6th, 2008

abstract butterfly

Radio, radio

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio show Spark covers new technology trends with a light touch. I discovered this show when they sampled a few of my drones for backing material, and became a regular podcast listener.

This week, Spark did its "Collaboration Episode", in which listeners
suggested story topics on a group wiki. It's being broadcast today at noon and Saturday at 4 p.m.

I suggested Calendar Girl's wonderful music collaboration/remix site Calendar Songs. The folks at Spark chose this as one of the stories, and did an interview of Calendar Girl.

Spark let me do the little 30 second intro to the piece, which I recorded light-heartedly and quickly (and, after hearing the piece with the sound levels "punched up" for radio, too obviously technically imperfectly).

The resulting radio show, at which I appear just after roughly minute 13:30, broadcasts on Wednesday (today) at noon and Saturday at 4 p.m. If anyone is interested, the podcast is located here.

I'm grateful that the folks at Spark set up this "crowdsourcing" episode, as it was fun to write the pitch wiki for the piece, and then follow it as it went from idea to fruition, all in a very few weeks. I was pleased ,too, to be able to support in a small way a project which has been great fun in which to participate and to hear. Also, it was good to add my mockingbird and rainforest sound samples. The world is, after all, an endless wiki of found sound.

One of my next material acquisitions, though, will be a headset/mike arrangement so that any future voice recordings go more smoothly without crying out for a microphone screen.

abstract butterfly

wickedly wonderfully crooked smile

My hobby efforts at creativity this evening proved more educational than productive. If I can keep learning, though, I may soon be able to take strides to achieve what I wish to achieve.

My eBay sales went reasonably well, with 3 things sold at a decent price, and 3 buyers having paid promptly. I could imagine selling more often, as I once did.

Today someone mentioned cake, and this evening I'm reminded that my favorite cake on birthdays was a German chocolate cake from a local bakery where I grew up, featuring the most luscious golden coconut frosting.

I like food memories, as with the giant fried prawn that would come on a pie plate at Frankie's Cafeteria during my childhood, or even the white pineapple, sliced neatly with a machete-like blade, from last week.

I watched people on American Idol go through the usual motions of "my life will end if I don't make it" about a talent show.
I work in a field in which cases are "won" or "lost", so I appreciate the virtues in winning. Yet aside from this specialized area, I think my point of winning pride is that I won a cake walk two years running.
I've never needed a gambling addiction, because I have twice landed on the cake-y square, proving that Fortune smiles on me with an elegant, if not orthodontist-approved, incisive smile.

This is Week One of Tunafish. By week 3 I will know what I am doing. By week 12, it will be second nature. Then let me eat cake.