November 17th, 2007

abstract butterfly

The Sentence of Commercialization

"From InoQuo, we support all innovating and experimental electronic music not limited to the sentence of commercialization".
from the website of the Spanish Inoquo netlabel, which offers free non-commercial downloads of electronic music.

I am very fond of virtual gee-gaws. My latest crush is on Metronome on-line, which provides an on-line metronome which allows one to set the beats per minute for the purpose of singing or playing music.

I've been thinking lately about sustainable consumerism and the holiday season. I've also been thinking about the imprisonment offered by "the sentence of commercialization".

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abstract butterfly

don't accept, don't settle

I have been involved in a collaboration with one music guy and two visual folks on a music video for some months. Everyone's contribution was better than mine, and my first draft failed to excite my musical friend. We decided to make more than one video--indeed, the song lends itself to 4 videos. Each of my visual collabators did
one of the fuor themes. I did the third theme today, using my video camera to take tons of pictures of "water". It was great fun--I visited Lavon Dam, Allen Station Park, Bethany Lakes Park,and Celebration Park. I loved the rabbit and the flock of cormorants.
I've edited "water". Now I must create more animated scenes to go with one visual collaborator's "Fire". Then I will move on to the other collaborator's "air". After all this, I hope I can get down to earth.

When I had nearly finished filming this afternoon, I treated myself to a Diet Coke and a package of buffalo jerky. I wondered if there is such a thing as tofu jerky. Bison jerky is very lean and tasty--like meat without quite all the "kick" of meat.

We had yellowfin tuna and steamed vegetables at Fismonger's Cafe. It was very tasty, though we did have to turn down the bread pudding. We called my dad and his wife and confirmed our reservations on the Thanksgiving gravy train (sans gravy, of course, for my Weight Watchers system). I like Thanksgiving because when I was 25 I would gorge myself silly, but now I focus on turkey and vegetables and for a few years now lose weight over this holiday.

We watched "Freedom Writers" tonight. What a great movie--not at all as "movie of the week" as I had feared. I love Hilary Swank, and I love any film that "fights the powers that be" of low expectations. I hate phrases like "dare to dream", because they sound so goopy. But I also know that confidence and ambition can be very good things to nurture in people.

I edited "water" tonight. It's not bad. I sent it off to the musical collaborator, to see if he approves. "Fire" will be trickier, because I must write animation. I am really looking forward to that.

I also got some good news at ccmixter--I am pleased about something.

I also talked by telephone with a very old and very close friend who successfully "fought the powers that be" at her work. I like people who are assertive and down for fighting for the things they value in their own lives and in the every day world. It's hard to keep one's courage up when Hell is in session, but Hell is not eternal.