November 15th, 2007

abstract butterfly


tropicana rose, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

This attending-a-concert on Friday night and attending-a-formal on Saturday night makes attending-to-fatigue on Wednesday night.

Say a quick requiem for those days of collegiate splendor,when two a.m. talking of the meaning of life in an International House of Pancakes seemed as relaxing as sleep or peppermint tea.

IMy dance card is rather full, although not so full that I could not finish my remix tonight. My two spoken word readers came through with great source material for the remix, which came out pretty mushc as hoped. I posted the result to Ccmixter.

I'm enjoying the two Issa songs I bought at the concert. I'm pleased that my lost cell phone turned back up, although not until after I replaced it.

I'm pondering how I can make a difference on this point or that. I will make a decision and implement one soon.

abstract butterfly

Calendar song recited

I've written before, I'm sure, about the Calendar Songs project,
in which the lead vocalist for Free Form Five, acting under the nom de musique of Calendar Girl, posts a capella tracks of songs for each month of the year. Remixers can remix in the Creative Commons. Some 200+ fun remixes have resulted, available for free download.

I love to remix, but this kind of remixing is usually quite a challenge for me, as I am not at all a good "ear" for pop music, not to mention pitch, key and timing. Indeed, my experience at the Songfight website, where I created four songs of truly epic low quality, convinced me that my hobbies will not soon expand to include pop songs on demand. I believe that what does not kill one often just makes one humiliated, but that falls sometimes stave off the going-eth-ness of pride, which is a fine thing.

Still, the Calendarsongs project is so worthy that I have done a few remixes, using field recordings,
found sound and home-made percussion, with varied success. If a "breath of fresh air" is too strong, then one could say they are a taste of fresh-cut and well-aged pepperoni on what can be too often a highly-skilled and beautifully-mixed set of rather high-quality but non-spicy mozarella.

For the past week, I've been working on a new try. Rather than create a song per se to accompany a sung lyric, I had two readers--a grown-up and a child--read the lyric as if it were a poem. I added to the reading a pleasant little synthesizer melody, and field recordings of sounds suitable to the average Summer back yard. I was especially pleased to work in my "chimneybird" recording of the mockingbird in my chimney.

It's always a risk taking liberties with anyone's creative work, although to me nothing is more fun than a remix of my work which is sheer liberty in action.

Calendar Girl, though, liked the effort, and was kind enough to post it on her website as "Track of the Day" for November 15. She's a good egg. Here's the link to the "May" track, in the "spoken word" mix: