November 6th, 2007

abstract butterfly

vote yeah, yeah, yeah

North Texas Landscape, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Tonight we had an Amy's Organic Cornmeal 3 Cheese Pizza. I like any food which has at least five words in the name. I'm always intrigued how Italian heat-and-serve pizza can have a back story.
The box proclaims that "our chef Fred's grandmother" made pizza like this in southern Italy. It makes me wish that microwave popcorn
was started in the sub-oceanic geothermal zones by submerged pirates related to Vikings.

The cold front which arrived this morning filled me with that irrational/quintessential/puzzling/saving feeling that chills cause in November, and warm days cause in April. I love the seasons, not to mention paprika and paper gliders.

They had an election here tonight. All the balloting in my county was for "yes" or "no" initiatives. I can never remember voting "yes" to pretty much everything before. Cure cancer? Yes. Pay for parks? Yes. Let judges who hit retirement age finish their terms? Yes. I felt so affirmative.