November 5th, 2007

abstract butterfly

no pumpkins were told in the making of this post

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

In the science fiction novel I just finished--fortunately only Book One of Three--the protagonists were relieved to find that the neutron star they were falling into turned out to be a repository of alien knowledge.
I found that very life-like, as many years ago I found that my apparently ill-tempered but actually very insightful Property law professor was much the same.

Now I am in Book Two, trying to figure out if one of the characters keeps speaking in second person plural because this culture has a Hive Mind, or if instead it's merely an immodest dispatcher on the sub-space radio.

In theory, my car is to be ready to pick-up today. I am ready to make the exchange, as I dislike parking the small SUV they loaned me during its travail of repair. I am more a theoretical parker than an experimental practitioner.

I discovered yesterday that the answer to "how many gingerbread cookies can I eat and still lose the 1.2 pounds I need to lose" is "fewer". I will for this week experiment with "zero" cookies to see if tihs makes the sums make a difference.

I will miss the XM radio in the loaner car, but not enough to want to pay for monthly XM radio of my own. Still, there is something to be said for a car that sings "Driver 8" or "Planet Z" to one rather than a pledge drive.

I will begin keeping my eyes on eBay for the next month or so. We've solidified plans for a winter trip to Costa Rica. If I can find an ultra-zoom camera without an ultra-zoom price, then I can no doubt document birds, butterflies and coatimundis with a singular focus.