October 26th, 2007

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car joys car woes

My car has been sluggish lately, so today I took it to the Hyundai place. Huffines Hyundai always does right by me thus far. I have one of those 100,000 mile warranties.
I'd had a minor solenoid problem when the car was new, but otherwise the warranty work has been minor.

This time, though, they called me at the end of the day, asked me to trade in my free rental for a loaner, and told me that they were going to "reman" the transmission. Apparently the old "re-build" is outdated terminology, as they no longer do a piece by piece re-build, but just snap in new transmission inner workings.

The good news is that this is all still under warranty. The second bit of good news is that they gave me this curious kind of cross-over car-body mini-SUV to drive. The bit of bad news is that the new trannie will not be in town until Thursday, so I must drive the loaner for quite a while. There is worse bad news to face.

I know that if I ran a proper weblog, I'd bewail that a car with a re-done tranny loses market value, and that in my experience redone trannys don't last forever. If I got really worked up, I'd worry about the Fate of Mankind, because anyone driving an SUV consumes so much as to be directly responsible for Man's Fate. I might even cast longing glances at other cars, lusting in my heart for sometihng when I am commiitted to something else. Automotive life is one endless Hooters, more than a trifle disgusting, and yet popular with so many.

But I'd rather violate the conventions of the weblog, and be glad I'm under warranty, and hopeful that my car is fixed soon, free and well. I first learned on an SUV, a huge Chevy Blazer that sounded like an aeroplane when I accelerated.

I'd rather learn new Scrabble words than sweat this kind of thing. Cars come, cars go, but you only get one or two chances in a lifetime to play all 7 letters on a triple word score space.