October 25th, 2007

abstract butterfly

Why I am Qualified to Pontificate about Your Life

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As we all wander through our weblog comments, each of us, in his or her own inimitable, unique way, asks ourselves (often silently) for a detailed precis' of the qualifications of our commenters to hold forth on our personal lives. It is not a matter of doubt or dismay, because we all know that comments, like gold, come in many karats and are entirely malleable to whatever we wish to make of them.
It's instead the human need to know facts and details that drives us, in the same way that wikipedia editors are driven to ask that articles which are merely stubs be converted into elegant wikipedia-ese.

I therefore share with you all now my extensive qualifications:

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abstract butterfly

in the matter of music distribution

I am a lemming. In fact, I am the best kind of lemming. I not only imitate others by quoting other weblogs. I also make sure that the weblogs I quote are in fact quotations of myself. It's a bit like being at the barbershop, and seeing one's reflection in one's reflection in one's reflection in an unending stream of reflected mirrors stretching from here to the star Aldabaran.

Lucas Gonze, who built that cool device called webjay, and was involved in some really cool Creative Commons software as well, took one of my comments in his weblog and converted it to a full-fledged post.

My comment was about the Music Business, and the Shape of Things to Come, and in particular the role of companies such as TuneCore, which make it easy for independent artists to list their mp3s with all the major services. It's also got a detour into that old-fashioned chestnut, Arbiters of Taste.

This is my Week of Living Dogmatically, so I also share that weblog comment:
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