October 21st, 2007

abstract butterfly

repellant cinnamon

One of my weekend pleasures, too rarely imbibed, is a heady dose of a weekend AM radio local gardening talk show. There are a few different flavors on offer, but I never really memorize where or just when they appear, but just know in general on Saturday or Sunday morning to change the channel to hunt for them.

This morning I heard "The Dirt Doctor", our local environmental gardener, fielding questions about the environmentally safe way to garden and thrive. He's pretty good, although the answer to the question usually involves mixing up some unique substance invariably called a "tea" or a "juice", although I personally would not drink it even it were distilled by the sun or came flowing from a juicer.

Today I learned news that I can use. A caller asked how to get ants off a houseplant. The advice was to sprinkle cinnamon on as if one were seasoning one's oatmeal. Apparently, ants hate cinnamon. I personally love cinnamon, and I love ants, but the twain apparently never should meet. I have friendships like that.

I have no idea if cinnamon works, nor have I polled any ants on their feelings about cinnamon. I'm still intrigued that the organic citrus spray I got repels bugs, and
I begin to wonder if organic gardening is not just a "cover" to induce one to buy the supplies necessary to make a "smoothie".

But I like the idea of cinnamon as a curative for all ills. I think that things should be cinnamon-cured. I suspect that cinnamon is a cure for what ails one. I like the idea that small deep-oceanic worms breathe methane, and that ants who love sugar hate cinnamon.

We toured a hiking trail of robot dinosaurs today. I am content.