October 14th, 2007

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Sunday at Sister Grove

Spider, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I went today to Sister Grove Park, the hiking trail in rual Collin County, near Lake Lavon. As I drove on the Sister Creek bridge over the lake, I thought about how in much of 2006, the lakebed was weeds rather than water.

The trail had an Autumn look about it. Although I usually have the trail to myself, several families of mountain bikers were using the trail today, although this cause no problem other than a trail exit or two to let a bike pass.

Leaves had fallen from understory trees. One tall bush along the trail had leaves which turned a bright scarlet. I ate half of a small, ripe pecan, discarding the rest for the squirrels.

When I arrived home, I took a cold solder iron to the little dollar store keyboard, removed the wires to the speaker, and attached two small resistors. After some impressive heated moments with the little battery-powered iron, I got the resistors attached in place of the speaker wires. I have not yet gotten a sound to emit, so the experiment thus far must be considered mired in Phase I, far short of Phase III approval. Perhaps more time could have been spent on pre-clinical research.

I have a fresh apple from a farmer's market, two dogs happy to have been walked ,and work to do for work tonight.