September 28th, 2007

abstract butterfly

When I get insomnia, I write my senator.

They say that you should not discuss politics, religion, chess, or tastes in music in public. Sadly,I never was much good at listening to them. The problem, of course, is that everyone, including myself, imagines they are setting out holy writ, when in fact most writings on these matters are obvious, one way or another.

My United States Senators are from the opposite political party than the party to which I belong. Yet I think it's still okay to write them from time to time. This morning, I decided to write one about our troops.

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abstract butterfly


Tonight we went to San Miguel,the pleasant Tex-Mex restaurant in McKinney. A man played Paul Simon songs on a harp while I ate cheese enchiladas. Then I came home and did a remix of a Australian soundscapes with a drrum line and with the lovely voice of Calendar Girl, whose a capella passages are a pleasure with which to work. CCmixter just installed new way to link to the resulting song, "October (Jungle Mix)" in a player, so I'll try copying the link here:

October (Jungle Mix)".

The remix uses samples from:

Drum Session by: Michael Hoffmann
KBTS guitar by: admiralbob77
October by: calendargirl
16-bar blues solo by: Klausgena
cfe.reverse() by:
and several tracks from:
Lori Beckstead & Dave Rose
“Winanga-li: Australian Soundscapes”, which is available for free download on a BY NC SA basis from the excellent netlabel
Creative Commmons BY NC.

My goal was to use the sounds of the jungle without to approximate the jungle within.

I pondered if the French brought pralines to Mexico, or whether Mexico brought pralines to the world.

I play Scrabble, and I am in danger, someday, of learning to win a game or two.