September 25th, 2007

abstract butterfly


Late Summer berries, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today I made my flight at dawn in good order, and the flight left on time and arrived promptly. Aside from a few driving directions miscues--native turf for me--the entire day went smoothly and with a business-like precision. It's true that prior to my flight, I realized I'd completely misplayed a postal chess position, but I also got notified that I won another postal chess game. I'm even holding an impregnable lead in an on-line Scrabble game, which means that I will not be the only winless would-be expert Scrabble player in history.

I'm traveling "in the zone" for the creative part of my work right now. I won't elaborate, because to explain what I do is not only not the done thing, but would be even more boring than my usual weblog entry.
But I like the feeling I get when I know what I am doing.

I'm enjoying the new television season. Last night, I thought "Chuck" very witty, and the new "Heroes" episode promised great seasonal joy. Tonight "The Reaper" is fun, and deserves to succeed. I like that shows have a really fun spin these days.

I've got plans and schemes for creative endeavors I can't wait to fulfill. I've got chores and accomplishments which are small in and of themselves, but which I want to do so that I move from this plane of limitation to the next plane of limitation.

I wish I were better at building bridges than at plugging dams with insufficient grace.