September 2nd, 2007

abstract butterfly

cicada dragon tale

This afternoon I went walking at the Heard Museum in nearby Fairview. I visit this reserve often because it offers a cool riparian woodland in an area without many deep woods. Today the cicada call obscured the birdsong. I took cool photos of spicebrush swallowtails sitting on flowers. I heard birdsong. I saw flowers. It was hot and a bit muggy, but a very good afternoon.

I also stopped by the KB Toys outlet to pick up an analog box of Scrabble. They were on sale at the outlet mall at 2 games for 15 dollars. I am not sure what I will do with an extra, but I do not turn down free bonus Scrabble. Now I must purchase a Scrabble dictionary, and then decide when I am ready for live tournament play. My current on-line play is pretty non-amazing, but Scrabble is now for me the new bridge, without so many tricks and trumps.

I stopped by the Princeton flea market, where one youngish fellow with a cigarette in a bright tropical shirt showed me that he was setting up a bookstore in his rental storage unit (the market of preference at this swanky flea paradise). I bought some cool titles
at 25 cents and 50 cents each, but merely looked on with interest as he tried to persuade me that a box of mass market Andre Norton used books were somehow collectibles worth north of 2 dollars and 50 cents each.

We went tonight to the film "superbad", whose mixtures of coarseness, silliness, humour and recognizable high school moments (and completely unrecognizable ones, too) we found a mixed experience yet overall enjoyed. It was not as good as "Stardust" the night before, but it made for a good enough evening nonetheless.

Tomorrow we arise at dawn and head to First Monday at Canton--the largest flea market in the world on the busiest day of its year. Wish me fleas.