August 30th, 2007

abstract butterfly

I remix a LiveJournal Telephone Post

One of my very creative LiveJournal friends is elainegrey.

When I heard her telephone post about her traffic situation, I thought I would commemorate it with a bit of parlor-piano soundtrack. Using a synthesizer which samples a variety of things, including a bicycle pump, I created this Creative Commons attribution piece entitled "Grey Cat Traffic Report". You're welcome to listen, to download, or to just enjoy the idea.

The idea is that music need not be something "I perform for you" or that "you should be impressed with me". Sometimes it's a polite parlor entertainment, done by one for one or 3 or a dozen or two. The internet permits us all to strum a guitar in the campground of one another's lives (even if the guitar is actually a synthesizer playing a nose flute, an air pump, another air pump,and a set of bolts from Home Depot).

If you'd like to join me in a virtual Mountain View, California, for a very low-key
traffic narrative, then click below (feel free to download if you like). If you'd like to have your own phone post made into a song, just drop me a line with the post, and I'll see what I an do, and e mail you the result. It's what we do nowadays, in parlors, with pianos.