August 29th, 2007

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Disorderly Conduct and other Errors of Judgment.

I'm bemused by what people will plead guilty to doing just to keep things out of the newspapers. One of our Idaho United States Senators seems to imagine that if one signs a document admitting unequivocally one's guilt, then one can still gain impetus by saying that indeed, one was not guilty.

They say a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client, but I wonder how the epigram must be altered if we substitute the word "senator". Note to senator: Try to read one page plea bargains with more assiduousness than the Senate has been reading its various flawed "reform" packages during the last six years.

As the bankruptcy "reform" has come just in time to afflict Katrina victims and consumers caught up in the junk financing system, and the "reform" of pharmaceuticals proved to be a giveaway to drug companies, and the "reform" of our national security systems "reformed" away significant civil liberties in favor of big government, I'm readily willing to admit that the Senator from Idaho may not always read what he signs on for.

It's tempting to take him at his shaky word, and then see him impeached for sheer

The sense of relief I have had the past two days is palpable. It's a combination of renewed focus on things that matter, and renewed indifference to things that don't matter.

I am not sure if this qualifies as "matters" or "does not matter", but I signed up to play on a team in the Champions League, through the world correspondence chess federation. They were gracious enough there to find me a team on which to play. I now play third board for "Belgian Chessboard P" or some such. I wonder if we are the Fighting Thoats or the Jetans of Doom. My opponents include some talented folks, so I hope I do not let our side down too badly.

Meanwhile, I have two games of on-line Scrabble going (read: "scrabulous"). I must say that on-line Scrabble on a webserver is a sublime thing to play.