August 19th, 2007

abstract butterfly

post-industrial lullaby

Although the nice man with whom I shared BBQ was running a chess tournament today, one county over, I had perhaps my first, last and only Ronald Reagan moment. Not to fear,
I will not be spouting supply-side economics, or declaiming lines in B movies. I meant instead that I grabbed myself by the psychic color and said "if not you, then who? If not now,then when?", which is a paraphrase of an old Reagan tag about spending.
I referred, however, to my spare room, where I keep my computer, my musical things, and my spare anythings.

I have written for years how sooner or later I must tackle this room and make it much mor organized. I began that process in earnest today. I made immense progress, but there is much left to do. Much of what is left to do is choosing various things I have kept because I might use them someday, and give them away or sell them. I also made a dent in getting my car more organized. I wish that I had finished either project, but I am glad that I am so far along.

For lunch today, I thought to myself "I'll go to the Allen Outlet Mall. They have a credible pizza by the slice, and there is never any line".I forgot today is the Texas back-to-school state sales tax holiday. Christmas in August. Pandemonium.
An outlet mall which is usually popular but not crowded, with a nearly-full parking lot.

I found a space and did manage to get my slice of cheese pizza. I also wanted to get a sci fi book, but either the store is closed or I missed it when I walked the entire shopping center perimeter in search of the place.

This morning I wrote far too much advice in an internet posting, which helps me achieve a cosmic balance with yesterday, when I gave just the right word a very dear old friend
(>26 years) needed in timely season. There is a tao of advice, and I worry that I often yin instead of yanging.

I wrote a simple quirky chill remix called "post-industrial lullaby", which indulges my love for curious noises and music boxes.

I got the cross-table turned in for my chess tournament. This process is much easier now that oone can do it on line.
We played tennis again tnnight, and ate lamb chops and broccoli. A productive, if chessless, day.