August 13th, 2007

abstract butterfly

on turning older

photo morph of Pine Point Rapids in Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba with
Trinity Trail along Lake Lavon in Texas

Thank you to the many of you who left birthday wishes for me. I am grateful. We passed the milestone day quietly. We went in the early afternoon for a walk at the Heard Natural Science Center, where birdsong permeated the air, and we startled a great blue heron, who spead his huge wings and flew away. I took an afternoon nap, and did accomplish a bit of the work on my plate, although this will be a vigorous week nonetheless. In the cool of the evening we played tennis, and then we walked our dogs in the nearby park at night in disappointed hope of spotting some Perseids meteors. All in all, a very good day--in addition, my bicycle is now in fighting fettle again. I plan to ride next weekend. We had a sad interval when the dogs actually caught a little bunny.
The day in the main, though, was quite nice.
abstract butterfly

the smooth and the pretty smooth.

Today the tempoerature hit 100 degrees before 9:30 a.m. I lunched on hot and sour soup, "Thai soup", salad, grapes, pineapple, and two macaroons. I worked very hard on working down my "to do" list.

I had one bit of good news and two bits of less good news. The good news is that the remix I made of Calendar Girl's "July", a simple mix of birdsong in field recordings and synthesized simple percussion, received some kind comments over at ccmixter. The less good news is that my entry into a remix compilation was not chosen, though I had initially gotten a nice note about it, and also that DiSfish Records, which permittted me to release a lot of mp3s, is going out of business, at least in its current configuration. The donation-only model may not have worked. I hope it reincarnates in a different form, but either way, I'm grateful that DiSfish got me more exposure for my music. I've always been happy that they let me post over there--it was great having a forum to do releases that people came to visit and download. The guys who ran it were and are great guys.

I am nearly through with a set of material for release on another netlabel, which asked me some weeks ago if I would like to release with them. I hope that works out, as it would be good for the home team to have a success this month. I have to do some mandatory continuing legal education this month, which is a good place to devote my attention.

Saturday I run another little chess tournament. We'll see if anyone comes--I have had one e mail so far about it.

The watch I bought for 5 dollars at Big Lots sure loks good. It is too bad it doesn't keep good time. It loses time, just like an old-fashioned watch used to do. Perhaps it is all just a way to give me plausibility when I assert that I am from a gentler era.

Brooke Astor passed away, according to today's news, marking yet another celebrity I had had no idea was still alive. She did some awfully good things with her money.

A local sights magazine that came with the paper proclaimed that in the school rankings, area district Palmer was deemed "unacceptable". That makes me want to write them, and ask how I can help. Everyone wants to rate and rank and fire and bemoan. But perhaps
the solutions arise when people begin to help. I don't know.