August 8th, 2007

abstract butterfly

st. patrick's day banquet of the fried chicken of work.

This week proves itself daily to be exactly the challenge I initially believed it might turn out to encompass. I'm watching my Saturday turn from a likely rest day to a likely rest-and-work-day, and yet I don't mind at all, really.

Today my lunch break during my client's deposition turned out to be remarkably short, for various good and workable scheduling reasons. I rushed over to the nearby supermarket to try to find something I could purchase and consume more or less instantly.
Although I do not think of Garland as a particularly sushi-oriented town, I actually found a very nice pre-packaged little sushi assortment ready for my consumption delight.

I'm really excited about the latest NASA pictures being released, like the shots from the original moon walk and the ones of the galaxies colliding. Galaxies colliding are a lot like getting up the nerve to ask the cheerleader out, and then she accepts, and then she cancels out at the last minute because she says she can't find a dress. It's all very thrilling, but one suspects the galaxies are no better off the all the anticipation at the end of the affair.

I began downloading my hundreds of Canada pictures. This weekend, I'll download the videotape. Then it's on to make a vacation video, as a memory-sake.