July 27th, 2007

abstract butterfly

short, fast universes

I spent the morning listening to the latest songfight songs. I'm pleased that so many folks can craft an interesting pop song in 10 days or less. My own "ottoman" entry did not work for most folks. We'll see how my flawed vocal stylings on the folk song "so weird" go over. These are all good learning experiences for me.

I'm finalizing another appellate brief this week. I like handling appeals like this one, in which I am defending a result obtained by earlier counsel. A storybook results. The hundred and thirty pages of the appellate record become this whole little universe. The parties write to the court little essays, explaining, with case citation, why the trial court did not did not commit any legal errors. It's interesting to gather the precedent, reading each case to see if it is analogous or inanalogous to the points of law I'm trying to make.

The rains returned. We have not had a single 100 degree day this Summer, which is amazing for north Texas but not at all unwelcome. I hope the rains let up a bit tomorrow, as we are going to the Texas Womens' Museum for an event, and I want to photograph butterflies in the nearby little Texas Discovery Garden at Fair Park.
I want to assemble a 2 minute film for a film contest called "short and fast" being held, of all places, on the island of Orkney.