July 8th, 2007

abstract butterfly

Sunday Morning Folk Jamboree

I'm excited to finally get my pre-amp and microphone working well together, thanks to some advice from my sister-in-law and to figuring out that all it takes is this one little connection plug to be part-way disengaged for a lot of needless machine hum to result.

This morning I decided to celebrate my progress by getting out the old autoharp. Although the times clearly called for "amazing grace", my book fell open to one of my favorite songs, "Red River Valley". I gave the new recording set-up a go,and I welcome you to join me and sing along.

They say there's such a thing as a "good voice" and such a thing as a "good folk music voice", but I posit, based on this evidence of my own voice, that there is a third option, "none of the above". Click on the widget below, and join me with your no doubt stronger, handsomer and in all ways more attractive voice:

abstract butterfly

creek risen

This is a practical day, as I finalize the things I need to finalize by tomorrow morning.
I did get a chance to go to the riparian park off Renner Road in Richardson called the Spring Creek Trail. Spring Creek is usually a shallow affair in July, as if the infatuation of January wore into the commonplace realizations of Summer. Today, though, it rushes, wide and river-like, like newly minted romance.

I also attended weight watchers, where I was cited as a success story about plateaus. I think that I am in some ways an endless plateau, like some parts of Utah. I have a number of things on my to-do list.

A person unknown, perhaps a neighborhood kid, has taken to mild tagging. The other day, a neighborh's fence has a small anatomical drawing. This morning, we found the side of our house had an identical one. This is rather out of character for our little area, which is not a place of gangs or organized groups, if one ignores the swim and gymnastics teams. It's irritating, though, to have to read up on how to remove a tag from the side of a brick house. I suppose I must go to Home Depot tomorrow. We live in an area with essentially no crime, but when things happen,they are always a kid who ran out of things to do and so did the things kids do when they lack direction. I duly took a digital camera picture of the offending sketch for the police, but in the meantime, I must figure out how to get the little sketch off the brick.

I went to JC Penney today to get new dockers to wear. I dropped another size, which made me feel good. I was in law school the last time I could wear this particular size.
The store had a huge sale on, and also gave us a 15 percent off coupon if we ordered on-line after taking a customer survey. The savings kept on a'coming, as they used to say on AM radio.

I am glad I finished the latest Songfight.org song and no longer have to think of things to rhyme with "your lips are like an ottoman". I am glad I realized well into the piece that it was going so badly that I needed to just switch to a comic approach, as the result pleases me, which is, I suppose, a good person to please. This songfight will not arise until late this week, but I think I'll refrain from asking anyone to "check it out". I get enough attention from my readers who do me the courtesy of reading these posts and putting up with the various things posted here, without troubling anyone to go elsewhere. Further, I like that songfight discourages sending one's friends to their site, on the theory that they are trying to build a community, not to determine who can get the most friends out to vote for a particular friend's song.

I have chores yet to do to be ready for my work week, but I will get them done.