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June 27th, 2007

"Can We Stop"? and other fights

Busy work days often makes me seek out creative outlets to make leisure time more fun. When someone over at ccmixterblog mentioned that Remix Fight Dot Org had a "fight" in which people posted remixes of NIN's "Me, I'm Not" in a "throw-down" to see who wrassled up the most listeners, I couldn't resist creating my own. So I loaded up the bass, synth, and guitar samples, sequenced them into a completely different song than the original, and then added back the vocal track.

Although, like all such things, I only really hear the imperfections, it was great fun. I see that Remix Fight Dot Org has now posted the various competing mixes, including my own. It's fun to hear how many different takes on "Me, I'm Not" can exist--and a relief, really, that virtually all of them rather mangle the original. I'd hate to be the only iron-monger in a delicatessan of dainties. We'll see if democracy unexpectedly aids the iron-monger at all, as the people on that site vote, although I am less concerned with competition than with fun. It turns out I am not really much of a Trent Reznor, deep at heart.

I noticed that Remix Fight Dot Org said on its main page that it was "inspired by" Song Fight Dot Org, so I went to check that site out. Songfight is really cool--they give the entrants a song title and a couple of weeks. Each entrant puts together a completely original song of the subject title.

I listened this afternoon to the entrants in the last Songfight contest, "Late for a Funeral". The twenty or so songs varied from the lowest-tech to rich mixes. The vocalists, by and large, would not make it to Hollywood in the American Idol competition. Yet I find something incredibly endearing about people who compose original songs at the drop of a two week hat to enter into a contest without prizes or glory.

Tonight I drew up a new song for the current Songfight contest, "That's What She Said".
Rather than sing, I added a spoken word track over a quite satisfactory keyboard line (said keyboard line I created by sequencing my trusty nose flute through a sampler).
The spoken word track was an actual autobiographical narrative of an era in my life in which someone I dated told me that "it should have been obvious" she was "majorly in love" with someone else. I had been mistaken as to varioous tokens of affection, you see, when a "majorly obvious" distraction was all I proved to be. I was amused how a pocket voice recorder and a gentle nose flute line can make for a nasally sentimental
songfight indeed. They'll post that songfight in a couple of weeks--I'm eager to hear the other songs.

I am mentally compiling a "current unsung heroes" list, which I will sing in a future post.

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