June 25th, 2007

abstract butterfly

lifetime status

Where: Sanibel, Florida sea shell vacation
What: a photograph
Who: me
When: May 2005
Why: I looked like a cross between a ball bearing and a jolly man who delivers gifts during the holidays

Fast forward: 108 weeks.

Where: Plano, Texas
When: Sunday, May 24, 2007
What: achieved lifetime status (i.e., success and an end of monthly fees) at Weight Watchers, having reduced 85 pounds from 291 to 206
Who: me
Why: I followed their program for some 108 weeks, making incremental progress until I reached the goal my doctor set for me.

Joy: it felt good to achieve the goal at last
Regret: went on a tangent during little speaking oppotunity upon winning the award,
and failed to adequately thank group leader in front of everyone. will remedy soon.