June 19th, 2007

abstract butterfly

southern by birth, weird-looking by grace

I am fond of straw hats, but I am not certain that straw is really my mode. I suppose I like them because once, when I was a child, we visited a feed store owned by extended relatives, and they had us pick out free straw cowboy hats. I'd like to think that in a hat like this I'd look like a Carolina planter, but I actually look not very much like that at all.
abstract butterfly

back on the chain gang

This week I'm in hard work mode, fighting dragons and sorting out unsorted things. Such times are busy enough to keep me occupied--like a good feverish head cold, certain levels of work are helpful for one's mood, because they leave no time for extra thought.

Tonight I've got that sheepishness that shy people get, as I think of awkward or silly things I've said lately. But it's okay to be awkward-feeling and positively muttoned with sheepishness, sometimes--it all helps give the plot atmosphere.

I found a place to hold an August chess tournament for a fraction of the cost of last weekend's. I love the sales-person, Kristan. I told her how excited I was that her company's meeting room sounded perfect (and perfectly priced), and she assured me that having done her good deed for the day, she felt she should go home. It wasn't so much the words, but the delivery, that made me smile. I love people who banter gently and well.

We are going to Arkansas on Saturday, but much water must go under-bridge between now and then.