June 10th, 2007

abstract butterfly

weekend, day one

Saturday I:

1. did a major hunt for things lost in my home, turning up my long-lost "back-up" pair of glasses, but not some missing keys. I made a plan to obtain new car keys, knowing that the existing keys will one day appear on a soap dish, in the freezer or as a bookmark, or in some other place that I obliviously placed them between a Thursday night at 9:00 p.m. and a Friday morning at 8:30 a.m.

2. made significant progress in tidying some things up as an adjunct to the activity in item 1.

3. drove through a very quick rainshower, and noted that my windshield wipers are a bit sluggish in getting rolling.

4. had a succulent grilled redfish and a skewer of vegetables during a charming dinner with my wife at Fishmongers' Cafe.

5. saw the wonderful French documentary film Être et Avoir, about a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in rural French farm country, who handles his charges with a stern yet compassionate dignity. My heart was stolen by a kindergartner named JoJo.

6. went for a walk with my wife on the trail we know as "Renner Road", where literal dozens of bunnies hopped everywhere, and fields of wildflowers yet bloomed. This deeply wooded riparian trail was surprisingly humid for north Texas on a very hot June day.

7. worked at my office and at home on a portion of an important filing, and got my materials e-mailed out.

8. Wrote e mails to work on last-minute publicity for next week's chess tournament. I encountered incredible graciousness from folks at the Dallas and Denton chess clubs, who worked quicktime to help me get the word out.

9. discovered that I had not dropped the ball as pervasively as I originally thought, but did indeed make the deadline to get my ads for my chess tournament in the national chess magazine "Chess Life and Review". This is the key place for publicity of such things, so now if I get no entries, then it will be a function of circumstance and tournament design rather than publicity. I am muce hopeful that the numbers I will need to get enough entrants for the entire tournament to make it fun might yet show up next week.

9. got an e-mail from the fellow in Australia to whom I sent my Brisbane song, saying "it's great", and that he had been on a visit to Japan. I would not mind another visit to Japan myself.

10. finished a box of raisin bran.
abstract butterfly

progress on all fronts

Today I cleaned my C: drive, liberating 19 GB of space in the wake of wave files no longer needed (and usually forgotten). One single a capella by a friend alone took up nearly 2 GB of space.

This afternoon I found at Weight Watchers that I lost another 4 pounds, bringing my total to 85 pounds lost. If I stay within six pounds of my current weight for another 2 weeks, then I will achieve lifetime status. I think they give a charm out or something, but I don't have a charm bracelet.

Tonight I got an e mail from a chess mom, advising me that her daughters will be playing in my Saturday tournament. The publicity effort has borne its first fruit.

One of my favorite chill songs is a song by Shockshadow called "Missing You". Tonight I found that my Hungarian on-line friend and musician Hepepe took a spoken word track (in fact, my reading of a LiveJournal post from 2002 or so), and made a remix of it as the spoken word overlay to "Missing You".

I'm thrilled with the result, which is at:


It's about my theory of sharing culture, and the crucial classroom(s, part of no school and every school, in which my theory first took root.

I myself did a remix tonight of a rather gritty bit of spoken word about urban living.
It's the rare situation in which I had to invoke the "not safe for work" button on the remix. I'm enjoying putting together little electronica jazz-drenched chill melodies these days, which will probably mean they're take my dark ambient license away.

I saw a picture today of a junk food quilt, and learned that my 20 month old niece is now talking nicely.