May 29th, 2007

abstract butterfly


Monday morning we checked out of our hotel and headed back to Copano Bay pier for some end-of-trip fishing. The nice fellow behind the counter, an older man who "came here from New York on a fishing trip and never left", showed us how to use live shrimp as bait (I usually use cut squid). We staked out places in little lawn chairs on the long, former-highway-bridge pier, and began to fish.

The morning was alive in the way that mornings sometimes live and breathe. A breeze inhaled and exhaled gently around us. The water was full of the sight of little fish breaking the surface, and the sound of gulls. Everything was like a picture-postcard.

We had not been fishing for five minutes when my wife hooked a fish. She reeled it in with the cheap tackle we had bought at the discount store, and soon she had caught, and we released, a redfish. Within the half hour, she hooked a larger redfish, which put up a lengthy fight on the cheap tackle, until she finally got it to shore. Spectators gathered to see her redfish, ~ 20 inches long, which is one of the desired catches from this particular pier. I did not get any fish, although my line regularly was struck by fish who stole my shrimp and disappeared for parts unknown.

Monday afternoon we lost, due to weather delays caused by storms in Houston, which delayed our Corpus Christi flight. We arrived in Dallas Monday evening, and proceeded to the Blue Fish sushi restaurant. We had marvellous sushi while our waitress told us about catfishing at her grandfather's pond. My own teen years featured a lot of catfishing at my own grandfather's pond, so I felt a bit at home listening to her story.

Today I worked a busy day,and then went to an evening weight watcher's meeting. I made up for my weight gain during my last meeting (a suspicious spike I attributed to water gain) and lost more weight. I am now 2 pounds under my goal, with 4 weeks to go to hit lifetime status.

I'm still having great fun playing postal chess at the International Correspondence Chess Federation webserver, but my chess is thus far not nearly as stellar as my sense of fun. Rust never sleeps. This is the story of johnny rotten, all that. But it's better to play chess than to fade away.

Tomorrow and Thursday are again busy days, after which Friday will be marginally better. I have work to do, and plans to get it done. Already I am thinking of Saturday, and cool home chores are on my mind. I am in a productive mood this week.