May 5th, 2007

abstract butterfly

double dutch

Lately verian and I have been working on what I call the Dutch remix. The Dutch remix involves remixing a long spoken-word essay into a Thomas Nunnally Ensemble song. Verian added some really cool guitar and piano sections to my simple synth melody, while I added all sorts of fun fx from the Freesound Project. The current draft of the Dutch Remix is with Verian now, awaiting further finesse.

Last night I wrote a pleasant enough melody line. Tonight I married that melody line with another spoken word essay in Dutch, and added sound effects. The bride wore white, and also red, and further a fair dose of tulip yellow, which makes the bride rather a painted bunting. Yet I'm fairly happy with how it all turned out. It's not really "The Dutch remix", but instead a lesser, later thing. But sometimes the last one finishes first, which has a kind of beatitude ring to it all.