April 28th, 2007

abstract butterfly

trinity twice

Up at dawn to load food from a pallet onto a truck for the Angel Food Ministries thing. At 1 p.m., I walked Trinity Trail, which proved so full of green and flowers that I brought my wife back this evening for a second walk. In between, I went to my office and made sure I was ready for a challenge next week. Tonight we went to Fishmonger's restaurant, where I had a skewer of grilled shrimp and sea scallops, and a second skewer of grilled vegetables and mushrooms.

Late this morning, Ted and Bea were crowded around the grill, non-humanly interested in something there. Usually, this means that Bea had stalked a cricket, but I had a suspicion that more was involved. Sure enough, when I got them distracted a bit, a cute bunny raced from under the grill, and headed off to the wooden fence. Bea continued to lick where the bunny had been, a bit sad not to have caught it,and not realizing it was no longer under the grill.

A movie in Spanish came onto cable today, with Vicente Fernandez, much younger than today, singing in a strong and impressive voice. I could follow the movie in large part, but I wish I spoke Spanish. I thought of how, if I ever wanted to be a school teacher, I would need to learn Spanish, improve my chess and figure out how to project the idea that I remember anything I learned in calculus class, even when I almost do not, except that I have some vague idea about calculating the area of amorphous objects.

I've been reading through Derrick Bell's "Ethical Ambition", which I find interesting. I think that properly channeled ambition--ambition for good is a great and powerful thing. I like that tag in the sermon on the mount about folks who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Classmates.com seems to have twigged to the fact that this year will be my 30th year out of high school. I find it curious that many of my thirty-ish friends were being born after the time I posed in my sky-blue leisure suit for graduation photos. I looked really hip in a sky-blue leisure suit.