April 26th, 2007

abstract butterfly

Gurdonark, What did you bring ME?

If you ask me, in life there are too many news clips and not enough souvenirs. Let's celebrate my return last night from Utah.

During my recent sojourn to Salt Lake City, I visited the Utah Hands art gallery, a small shop which displayed sculptures, paintings and novel odd little things by local artist and artisans.
The store, right there in downtown SLC, a block or two from the Temple Square, proved entirely entertaining and interesting.

One tiny thing that caught my eye and heart was a simple, knick-knack kind of thing by an artist named Romy Shafkind. It's a refrigerator magnet! No, it's Art! No, it's a magnetized bottle cap!
It's a cool new way to play electric football! It's a travesty! It's destiny! It's cute! It's all those things.

In short, it's a souvenir.

Are you a doubting Thomas (or, if you prefer archaic usages, Thomasina)? That's perfectly all right. You can put your finger in the painting at the center of the bottle caps right here:

by clicking on this artistically-made and stylish link.

Here is the souvenir part. I bought twenty, so that I could share a bit of Utah with twenty of you.
Would you like your own quirky slice of Salt Lake City, to display on your refrigerator to one and all? Ms. Shafkind is a therapist for troubled youth, and, though we have not met, has overnight been added to my unsung heroes list. We all need a list of heroes, and a bottlecap on your refrigerator.

Here is where I would normally type how delighted I would be to send a bottle-cap art sniplet to the first twenty folks who fill out the poll below. In fact, though, I'll send out some indeterminate number not more than 20, as I find I always seem to wear out just before I finish the list. Call this the "lottery ticket factor" or the "not every trip involves a stuffed bear" parable. If you are omitted, it does not mean you are unloved. Don't worry that you're in another country, or an alternative reality. Don't worry about anything. Don't. worry.

So come one. Come all. Come twenty (nineteen, eighteen, seventeen....).

Set aside your skepticism. Worry not about postage. It's a small thing, a very small thing, or rather 20 very small, inexpensive things.

Come and get your very own souvenir, or, worst case, the fond but unfulfilled promise of one.

Poll #973553 Who wants special, swinging Utah bottle cap art? Feel free to leave work addresses or whatever will help salt your lake when it comes to personal privacy, because I am no Wasatch Mountain in search of personal data. Just tell me where to mail!

For your own bottlecap, fill in your name and address here!