April 24th, 2007

abstract butterfly

welcome to utah

It's been over 20 years since my last visit to Salt Lake City. It's a city I associate with good memories. I liked the snow-capped mountains as the flight descended. I got to my hotel early enough that I could walk down near Temple Square, to the Museum of Church History and Art, which is interesting. I liked most the part about how in the 1890s people were sent to study with the Impressionists, so that they could come home to Utah and do art inside the temple.

Travel has its metaphoric quality, although all of the would-be metaphors so often are non-sequiturs. It's all like watching Japanese animation--without the mythological context, it's like answers hover unquestioned in mid-air. What does the sudden appearance of the University of Georgia female gymnastics team symbolize? Fellini would know. Bertolucci might have them sing the Internationale. Mostly, they keep flooding the elevator lobby.

I ate something called capellini pomodoro, which means thin little pasta with tomato all over it.
I figured out how to get to the planetarium, in case I have a chance to go tomorrow. I worked assiduously, and now I prepare to rest prior to a busy day tomorrow.