April 10th, 2007

abstract butterfly

Pleasant Memories

Easter eggs, photographed by my sister Shanna

We all have our favorite things. One likes the one thing, and another likes the other thing. I have a weakness for tie-dyed clothes, for example, because I remember my mother making them, with the kids' participation, when they had their first vogue in my memory, in the early 1970s. I think it would be grand fun to make new tie-dyed outfits, in colors not congenial to nature.

I liked a railroad called the Reader Railroad, which ran on a narrow gauge through the Arkansas woodlands from Reader, Arkansas to Waterloo Arkansas, some eleven miles. Tourists rode this simple steam engine arrangement, until the time came that tourists no longer rode the railroad.
When we played Monopoly, the "Take a ride on the Reading" card seemed natural, because we took a ride on the Reader.

I'm fond of kazoos, because they are entirely easy to operate. I'm fond of chess, because it is very difficult to play well. I like to draw flowers, because I can, and I love to see quilts people have made, because I cannot make them. I think of them all, and they make me smile.

I have a wonderful memory of eating fondue, except that I am nearly positive we did not really do all the things one does to make a real cheese-based fondue, but mostly used the little fondue skewers to roast meat. My favorite memories of camping out--not really a big pursuit of mine--all involve setting marshmallows on fire on the end of sticks. All the best cooking in my limited repertoire arises from beef stews I remember making and savoring.

All these wonderful soft-spots to carry in one's mind--rural churches with daffodils in bloom; a forest of camellia trees in flower, with a giant gingko tree in Autumn-yellow leaf. Lothlorien, a place in a novel, experienced page by page by page. The people I met and drew close--don't get me started on the people. The story could go on for days.

But let's talk about you. Please share with me a paragraph.

A memory. Share a memory.

Write me a memory that makes you feel warm and happy inside.

Big. Small. Intricate. Complex.

An image, an explanation, an idea, your past.

Your choice. Cryptic, clear, micros, macro.
Your choice. But pleasant, happy, warm.

Tell me of a pleasant memory, if you will.