April 8th, 2007

abstract butterfly

a quiet Easter.and pleasant memories

We spent a quiet, enjoyable Easter weekend. We took a walk in our neighborhood park, dogs in tow, while stray snowflakes gently fell. We went to a restaurant called Osaka, where for a prix fixee
we were led to tables of interesting sushi, salads, cooked fish, crab legs and hot pot makings.
Our DVD player graced us with the movie "Happy Feet", which we enjoyed. I got an important smattering of work done, and rested. I'm reading chess books and re-reading Art Spigelman's Maus. This afternoon I walked in a nearly-deserted lake park, and prepared for a brief business trip tomorrow. I worked a lot on my music-making hobby, and made some light practical progress on various chores. My sister sent me a picture of painted Easter eggs from their family
hunt, while my father reports that his huge side lot served as his local church's egg hunt locale.
I'm fond of all the Easter traditions, from the most profound to the silliest, although, to me, this holiday "goes with" times for thought and regeneration. I have many pleasant memories of Easters past, but I also enjoy the Easter present, and hope for a few Easters yet to come.

Amid all this cold, descending upon us just when our ox-eye daisies are on the cusp of blooming,
it's hard to remember that a few days ago it was eighty degrees.

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