April 4th, 2007

abstract butterfly

arming the angels

This morning the Stevie Wonder song with the lyric "if you really want me why not tell me so?" is ringing in my mind. It has no real biographical or metaphoric significance, other than to remind me how much I love a pop hook. I love pop hooks so much that they stay in my mind until I love them a bit less.

During the Summer between high school and college, I drove thirty miles each day to Southern Arkansas University, a small university in Magnolia, Arkansas. I took my first two college courses there. The school called those courses "Western Civilization I" and "Introduction to Astronomy".
I remember there was a star party, in which we all looked out of telescopes from a rooftop. I remember that the university had a planetarium made out of large milk cartons. All my best science, I suspect, used for laboratory materials household inessentials.

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abstract butterfly

copperhead road

Yesterday as I drove back to my office during lunch, I saw a copperhead snake in the middle of the road. Copperheads may be venomous, but they have a rather appealing coloration. It's unusual to see them on a roadway far away from woodland.

Tne snake kept trying to get off the road, but cars would intervene. The cars would not hit the snake, but they would impede its progress. When I see an unleashed dog or cat near a busy roadway, I always whisper "be careful, pal, be careful", as if the dog or cat could hear me. I found myself whispering words of concern and care to a copperhead, and I hope he made it home all right.