April 1st, 2007

abstract butterfly

go see Sharkwater!

Friday night we ate dinner with our friends Scott and Donna at a Mediterranean restaurant in Plano.
The food was very good, although I found it challenging to maintain my normal eating regime, which usually comes quite easy for me. A huge rainstorm descended (our original plan had been to attend a baseball exhibition game), and we lingered in the emptying restaurant, trading stories and waiting for the calm.

Saturday morning I arose at dawn and drove to our church to help with the Angel Food Ministries monthly distribution. This project focuses on using economies of bulk and scale to provide low-cost food to working folks without great means. It uses an innovative system--provide no "charity" per se, but instead provide to all, regardless of means, the opportunity to buy discounted food,
in the hope that sufficient order quantities will facilitate an ongoing discount to benefit those most in need of the benefit.

My own role dwelt not at all on economic theories, though, but instead consisted of being a member of a team of five who drove to a distribution system at a church one town away, loaded food onto a trailer behind a pick-up truck, and then helped unload it back at our church. I like this kind of manual labor, because I can "understand" this kind of work, deep down. The whole process took a grand sum of one hour fifty minutes, so I did not exactly have to thresh out the grain like an ox.

Upon my return, I completed a remix with which I was pleased, and posted it at CCMixter. To create the remix, I used a one second sample from my nose flute, run through a 25 dollar software synthesizer, to create a mildly jazzy sounding "quiet storm" melody, which pleases me.

I then took a rather long hike at the Heard Natural Science center.

Dallas' AFI branch sponsored an international film festival this year, which we had not attended.
My wife and I decided to drive into Dallas and partake. We first went to a restaurant called Vietnam Restaurant (after wandering a bit due to my poor map-printing skills), and had very good chicken pho. I had hoped to see the "And/Or" art gallery, about which I have read nice things, but it was, sadly, closed at 6 p.m.

We chose for our festival movie selection the film Sharkwater, a Canadian film about the importance of shark protection and conservation. We found the film fascinating and moving--definitely not the typical cable television "see our great stock footage of sharks", but instead a beautifully filmed, gripping narrative. After the film, the film's production manager answered the audience's questions (the director had flown back to Canada, as apparently the film had had an impressive opening weekend there, and his presence was required).

I urge everyone to see this film, which we found quite interesting.

I have for some years deleted mako (as well as numerous other over-fished fish) from my personal menu,but now I am motivated to find out more on this issue.

We got home by 11:15, and got a good night's rest, which is, after all, a key Saturday event.