March 31st, 2007

abstract butterfly

Welcome Spring!

The rain fell mightily today, which was the second clear indication today that Spring is here.

The first was a field of our local state flower, the bluebonnet. This field is five minutes' drive from my office.

It's not the most gorgeous field of Texas wildflowers, nor the most lush. It's filmed in "jangly-vision", which term refers to the way the camera jarred about and how its megapixel count is not as high as the megapixel count in Oscar-winning cinematography. It's not a film with a plot. It just wanders, a bit blurry, over thirty some odd seconds of flower.

Yet I post it here, as I suspect that others, as do I, need a little bonnet blue in their otherwise bonnet-less existence:

Let's have Spring in our hearts, this day and every day
abstract butterfly

Hike a North Texas Wetland with Gurdonark

I seem to be on a video-posting jag this week, but my true feeling is that a word is often worth a thousand pictures. Today, though, I went hiking at the Heard Natural Science Center, and I took my
digicam and my voice recorder. I thought you might enjoy seeing what I saw and hearing the birdsong I heard. I therefore assembled the following wetlands hiking video, to give you an idea of the hike.

The early pictures, before I get on the trails proper, tend to show less focus--perhaps that's just right, because the "real" outdoors, often seen from protecting boardwalks is where all the real attention should be given. Let's go hiking!