March 24th, 2007

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one win, one draw, two losses

It's 1:45 a.m., and I am surprised I am still awake. Tonight my nephew and I played in a chess tournament in the Dallas Chess Club. I did not do very well--1.5 points out of 4, while my nephew improved his rating a bit. Pardon me if I skip the part about the chatty 8 year old and my failure to notice that I had not punched my clock.

I had to drive across the city to get to the tournament, which left time for only fast food, which required me to pull out the little books I have on such things to figure out what I could order within my various eating plans.

Tomorrow morning I drive to northeast Texas to see a friend. He's got great news--he just got a new job after his prior company did a location closure several months ago. I'm glad to get to see him at a time when there are things to celebrate. The little town we are visiting has a dairy museum, but I fear it will be closed on Saturday. It also has a music box museum, and perhaps we can see that.

I wonder if I should be bothered when the chess parents are a good bit younger than I am.
I don't think so--if they feel as young as alive as I do, then I am happy for them.
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Cow Talk

I met my friend Gene in Sulphur Springs, Texas, mid-way between our cities, at the Southwest Dairy Museum. Hopkins County is the "dairy capital" of Texas, with some 160 dairy farms.

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Bike Ride

Some people film the entire Iditarod. I am less imaginative, and thus filmed the first thirty seconds of a small town bicycle rally. Three cheers for jangly video with an inexpensive digicam.