March 21st, 2007

abstract butterfly

paging through a tract

The Bradford pear trees changed this week from flower to leaf. The redbud trees still show a strong bloom. Our across-the-street neighbors, kind people with a great garden, are awash in jonquils.

Today I stopped in a thrift store at lunch and picked up a copy of a book on "This I Believe", from the original Murrow series, now being done again on NPR. I also bought a long, golden bell, because I like the way it sounds.

When I open the book "historical markers of Grayson County--1996", then marker number 73 (figure chosen at random) says:

"NETTIE BASS HOUSE (Frontier Village, Loy Lake Park, Sherman)--Oldest extant house in city. Erected in 1850s by Dr. R.L. Bullock. Built around typical "dog run" or entry hall. Had first glass in county". A city directory from 1876 notes Mr. Bullock as an "old-timer" able to tell stories of Sherman in the way it used to be".

Nettie Bass was born in the house in 1868. She died while living in the house 97 years later.
I'm sure she saw a great deal of change in her time.