March 19th, 2007

abstract butterfly

joiners and finishers

I love the sound that bolts make when they clink together. This reminds me of skilled folks like carpenters and woodworkers. I heard some form of media or another the other day extolling crafts and skilled people, and I could not agree more. Although many states have made strides in this direction, I'd love to see a world in which more people could get alternative training such as apprenticeships and workshops to learn vocational skills. I think that the decoupling of post-secondary education from its traditional mooring is inevitable, but time will tell whether its potential for good will be fully realized. My own skills stop at tinkertoys and Erector sets. I wonder if the focus on the virtual will cost people the tactile experiences. Nothing is like the feel of the little holes on the Erector sheets, or the sense of interlock of a Lincoln log.