March 14th, 2007

abstract butterfly


Splice Music is a website in which anyone can remix on-line, using sound samples on the site, without the need for any equipment or software. It's all provided. This week they have a contest called "Solar You", in which one does a remix featuring ethereal sounds from a piece by thaumata called "Solar You". This kind of ethereal ambient/chill thing (with music-box-like belltones) is right up my alley, so I uploaded some of my own bells and music boxes into the Splice system, and used the Splice sequencer to create my own new remix, called Collapse )
abstract butterfly

A virtual NCAA Tournament Contest

We do not do office pools at my office, and I am not the type to seek out illegal book-making operations. But I like prognostication as well as the next person.

This year, I once again entered that contest which is a balm for people with my particular maladies. It's at a newspaper sports website from beautiful Lawrence, Kansas, called KUSports. There they have an NCAA tournament contest, complete with an easy-to-register, easy-to-complete fillable bracket contest.

I am not a profound predictor, but now my selections are of record there. I mention this in case any of you, on this ultimate eve of destruction, feel similarly inclined.