March 12th, 2007

abstract butterfly

livejournal blues

When I was in college, the blues made me blue. Fayetteville, Arkansas in the 1970s featured a few great bar bands with the "Fayetteville sound", a mix of Stax and chugging bar rock. Yet it also featured far too many "blues bands" who would play "built for comfort, not for speed" and then segue into heart-felt covers of "Tequila Sunrise", which were always preceded by introducing this Eagles hit as if it were an underground classic (and let's not get me started on "Desperado"--for someone who basically likes the Eagles, it's amazing how many Eagles covers winces I have in my memory store--I also skip the "play a Cars cover = new wave" bands, as off topic). I've since recovered as to the blues (and always liked, for that matter, "real" blues and really cool clueless blues like Foghat even in the fog of collegiate war). But I do not start life as a blues aficionado.

Yet when deanarae mentioned writing a "sawng" about the LiveJournal blues, the beginnings of a lyric came to me, more or less unbidden.

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