March 5th, 2007

abstract butterfly

On the March in Fifths

Tonight the commercial for the local news promised a feature on how to "fight back against grackles". I never want to fight grackles. I love the way they make riotous noises in a tree.
I heard a treeful last night when I walked my dogs by the pond. I recorded it for the Freesound Project, and then geotagged the sample. This geotag thing was amazing--I could use the satellite maps to locate not just the pond, but the very tree involved.

I had an apocalyptic bird moment once in California. Whittier Narrows wildlife reserve is a wetlands marsh in the middle of the scrub. I spent a day walking there. As the time drew on towards five, thousands upon thousands of crows gathered in a huge willow tree. Their cacophonous
choir, on a warm and yet bleak winter day, sometimes seemed so right, so appropriate.

I thought this morning about a former co-worker from my California days. I thought about resentments and office politics and favorites and non-favorites. Then I realized I should let it all go--every situation has its complications. No pearls ever formed from this kind of grist.

My wife returned from her business trip, which is a good thing. Her package from her cousin in New Zealand arrived, which is a very good thing. I tossed the dog for Bea, who might vouch tha this was the best thing of all. My Weight Watchers visit yesterday marked some success in getting on track. I suspect that spending so much time playing with the dogs helps a bit.

I'm in that mood in which simultaneously I want to celebrate everything and apologize for anything.