February 22nd, 2007

abstract butterfly

Dear Friend from Overseas who poses as Paypal

I hope I do not take an undue liberty when I write you this personal note, rather than, as you ask, clicking upon the link you so graciously provide in your e mail. I've followed your progress with interest, you see, since you first began sending me these missives. I admit I am guilty of feeling that people on the internet are real people, and not merely illusions eluding my conscious grasp.

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abstract butterfly

7 things

1. Reminder to self--if you're going to be a bit fatigued due to your bit of customary middle-aged insomnia, you really must make a mental note not to let it show through needless testiness.

2. The wonderful thing about trying to do anything creative is that so much time is spent working around the limitations skill-less-ness can provide.

3. The cable news obsession with the Anna Nicole Smith saga will serve, for me, the useful purpose of reminding me to explore different ways to obtain/experience media.

4. I do not like hearing some talking head on a talent show call a Raspberries song by the appellation "a Celine Dion song". Eric Carmen could hit the high note long before Celine could.

5. Today marks a third straight day of sunny, early Summer weather. I could get used to this.

6. I love hitting the "random" key on Livejournal. All those lives, just a click away, strangers forever, brothers and sisters unmet and unknowable.

7. I plan to buy mud cloth from Mali.