February 20th, 2007

abstract butterfly

warm weather and sundry whethers

Today the weather crested up to 77 degrees. After a quick lunch of roasted turkey, new potato, and steamed vegetables, I headed over to the little Lake Park in Rowlett to walk a bit. There were cormorants and ducks, not to mention unsuccessful fishermen, and me. Little purple clover flowers
bloomed along the borders, while the a stray sulphur butterfly or two flew.

I used a sample tonight by someone named dj_delta. I do not think I could successfully be dj_anyone. I'm reading a good book called "A Complicated Kindness", about a teen growing up rebellious in a Mennonite town in Ontario. Tonight the Scooter Libby case went to the jury, and we will see tomorrow what the jury makes of it. I puzzle more about how to get a good picture of my little black dog than I do the arcanities of obstruction of justice law.

I have this crush on a synth called Sawcutter 2.0 which, while chaste, serene and non-sinful, brings me over and over to import different samples into the same melody, to see what they sound like. Bells sound like bells, as per program, but sometimes a dulcimer sounds like a piano,and so forth.

I have three solid days of work ahead, which makes me feel grateful rather than stressed.