January 23rd, 2007

abstract butterfly

A Short Paragraph About You

An on-line friend from Goteburg sent me two samples of a Swedish instrument called a nyckelharpa. It's got a great sound--like a cross among a zither, a fiddle, a dulcimer and something indefinable. I'm using it to mine samples to slice, but I admire the samples as they stand now, unadorned.

Today marked another very busy day. I am tired.

The newspaper advised that this January is the most rainy since 1898. We do extremes well where I live. Other places are warmer, other places are colder, but we have compelling contrasts.

I like a meme that is going around the internet these days. I'm impressed, too, with the aplomb people bring to this meme.
Thus, I'm going to incorporate that meme into this post, and issue you an invitation:

I'd be delighted to write you a short paragraph about how cool you are, and what I like about you and your journal. There are but three rules:

a. you may not write back to deny any compliments paid;
b. you need not duplicate my feat in your journal;
c. you shall not turn inot a winged monkey.

I reserve the right to:

a. write a long paragraph, or more than one
b. wax effusively
c. go off on tangents
d. give unexpected praise

As you know, I like to start these things with a silly word in reply.

If you are interested, could you reply--

"All about me"