January 20th, 2007

abstract butterfly

crimson hamsters

On my way home from work, I stopped by the 75% off bookstore, which used to be the Under 4.99 bookstore, but then inflation crept in. I scored a 99 cent encyclopedia of birding. I feel about birding just as I feel about bonsai--I want to be able to do it so much that I bought a book instead.

I wear progressive bifocals. They're helpful, as I recall each time I mislay my glasses (and my backup glasses), and use a single-lens version. They are not perfect. I usually take off my glasses to read.

Today at the bookstore, I saw a book that really fascinated me. The subtitle of the book promised that it was filled with "dark hamsters". I was really intrigued--and then I realized that it said "dark humour".

The rain falls drizzly and merciful. We might get a freeze tonight. We dined with friends in Plano at a wonderful Persian place called Giovannni's. I had a pureed cherries brought to my table to spread over the saffron rice. Next time I'll try the bayberries.

I think I have developed an addiction to clementines. I surely have kept up my vitamin C quota this winter.

I have officially become a creature of habit. I check Lake Lavon's rising water level each day. I love the rain.