January 4th, 2007

abstract butterfly


Today went by with rocket speed. Pre-work work, work work, and a succulent if tiny steak at the bar association meeting, while the county-court-at-law judges spoke. As of November, I have been licensed to practice law some 22 years. It still seems fresh and new to me.

I spoke with a lawyer friend who also produces movies. I used to do some legal work for low-budget producers, which is a world unto itself. It's an interesting area, but not a big part of my practice anymore. I took away from it some great words of advice that I use in other situations, like "what you get up front is what you get".

I remember once a client I admired, who did documentaries, was killed in one of those senseless road tragedies. I remember his memorial service, and even, among many others, saying a few words, and always feeling, somehow, they were not the right words. They were appropriate and alive, but not, somehow, as effective as I hoped. I live in a world in which I am comfortable with words--they're my friends and constant allies. But sometimes they wander on me.

I look forward to tomorrow's chance to read and write more words. But I also look forward to wordless moments. Sometimes the best things about a sound is the silence which surrounds it.

Lately, I think that if I had not become a lawyer, I would have made a good high school science teacher. That's a wordy enough profession. But I think it's good to self-talk about being who one is, sometimes,and not merely who one might have been.