December 30th, 2006

abstract butterfly

A few favorite things

Soul song: "Wedding Bell Blues", by Laura Nyro
Time of day: dawnish
Constellation: Orion
Sampler: Slicer
Quilt Pattern: wedding ring
30s movie star: Robert Donat
Woody Allen film: Broadway Danny Rose
Hiking boots: from Timberland
Departed planet: Pluto
Type of telescope: reflecting
Breakfast: raisin bran with non-fat milk
Fruit: banana
Cookie: gingerbread man
Hiking Trail: Trinity Trail
Mountain range: the Ouachitas
Mountain: Pinnacle Mountain
Composer: Sibelius
Food fish: catfish
Tropical fish: guppy (poecilia reticulata)
Native fish: mosquito fish (gambusia affinis)
Fish tale: includes phrase "and then he flew up and landed on the roof of the party barge....!"
Lord of the Rings character: Tom Bombadil
Cobbler: blackberry
Junk "sportscar": the Fiero
Chess opening: The Colle System
Austen novel: Pride and Prejudice
Large dog breed: Great Dane
Pet shop: local animal shelter