December 17th, 2006

abstract butterfly

among the machines

Today I alternated between hard work and miniature golf, with the work winning the election with a commending majority of my time. I also spent time with a teen nephew in a mini-golf-and-go-kart-why-do-they-call-it-Malibu-when-it-looks-like-prairie emporium's video machine arcade, guided by a simple bit of dogma: "Fun? It's not about fun. It's about tickets. It's about winning enough tickets to get something better from the prize desk than a kazoo".

We skee-balled vigorously, but the tickets did not flow like wine. Then we found the machine in which the token is dropped down a rather hip runway, and one is awarded the number of the tickets equal to the number of the slot on a spinning wheel through which the token passes. My nephew had unique dexterity at this machine, which will no doubt serve him in good stead should he ever toss a nickel onto a cigar box in a Twilight Zone episode.

When we went to the desk, and put our new-found ticketed wealth in the hands of a kind attendant who ran them through a hyper-electronic ticket counter, we found tha rather than the 2,300 tickets we needed to win a stuffed tiger, or even the 600 tickets we needed for a kite, we had between us but 425 tickets.

I revel in my new-found paper airplane glider, returning bouncing ball, and a world of "wait until next time!" arcade enthusiasm more fervent than being even a Cubs fan.

Tomorrow is yet another next time for work. I love having meaningful work to do, but it is an occupational hazard that sometimes I must work weekends to do it.
abstract butterfly

Magi Outwit King; return home safely

Today when I should have been contributing to a discussion about the impossibility of astronomic proof of metaphoric descriptions, I was instead noting how the visit of the Magi story appears only in the gospel of Matthew and not in any of the other three. I think that the Magi deserve a sequel story, perhaps for DVD release. I'd love to write one someday, perhaps in verse.

Today in lieu of a sermon, the choir sang carols while hand-bells blazed. I love the carol about "Lo, how a Rose e’er blooming from tender stem hath sprung!", except, as ever, I like the first two lines translated from the 15th C. German text more than I like the 19th Century engrafted-on-for-dogma's sake third verse.

I finished an important step in an important project today in the dawnish time before church. I gained one pound at my Weight Watchers meeting, and I wish I could say that I had a pound of pound cake to show for it, but it is instead a "gain without major sin" thing, which is part of my own pattern.

I am grateful tonight for verian, who is a thoughtful, capable and assiduous collaborator in creative endeavors. Our latest project is the very first NSI Podcast, featuring not only artists from our Negative Sound Institute netlabel, but other Creative Commons artists we enjoy.

It's available in all those RSS and downloadable fancy format, but discerning holiday shoppers may just head to:

our podcast page, where it will begin playing from one of those webjay players, and, with a proper minimization of screen, one can be enriched with music even as one finishes those crucial holiday eBay transactions, and further one can get an idea of which free download would be best for that "hard to desire to spend on" recipient.

I must give you two warnings, though--it's fun to hear how natural this kind of thing is for verian, who DJs most of it, and has a great
musical piece modestly placed at its end, and it's funny to hear how odd my voice sounds as I burble on verbosely, much as in this weblog.

I suppose it's almost time for me to do one of those 2 minute confessional youtube videos, to show my true inner aspect. Tonight, though, I'll just be grateful for Verian's kindness.