December 15th, 2006

abstract butterfly

Current events

My idea of a good dinner at a restaurant:

a. One helping edamame
b. One slightly off-program shrimp tempura roll
c. Two pieces mackerel
d. miso soup
e. Two pieces albacore
f. one salmon roll
Diet Coke

My remix of Erik Satie's "Gymnopedies No. 3": here, also known as "explore your inner MIDI".

My latest good read: Robert Hellenga's "Philosophy Made Simple".

My latest dramatic role: Podcast DJ, second banana to verian

My favorite grocery store purchase this week: a can of mustard greens

My favorite wince this week: the look on my wife's face when she saw said aforementioned can

Relative position of childhood in regard to the Mason-Dixon line: my own--south; my wife's--north.

Evening "what if": "What if the moon were big enough that my cheap binocularcam could snap great photos of its cratered splendor".

Evening "what if, part deux": Effective digital self-portrait might be aided by a further shave--why is it that some people look so cool unkempt and some people look merely unkempt when unkempt. The rhyme to this rumination would no doubt be verklempt. The second verse of the song would no doubt rhyme "sensitive skin" and "child within".

The nose is a wonderful protective coating against needless self-revelation.