October 28th, 2006

abstract butterfly

tyranno tyro

Today I voted, which was extremely easy in this particular election. I knew just which side I wanted to support on each question. The turnout was sparse for a Saturday, which is a good sign in this very conservative county. If everyone from my way of thinking turned out, surprises might occur.

Today the Heard Natural Science Center had a cool new exhibit of those huge animatron dinosaurs all along the Hoot Owl Trail. They roared a lot. It was fun to stop and look at allosaurs and tyrannosaurs.

I heard lots of birdsong in the woods, and imagined that they were expressing consternation at hearing prehistoric roars in the forest.

I saw lots of flowers in the small native plant garden near the entryway to the Heard.

I watched a small woodpecker position itself on a tree, ready to peck. When I returned home, the native plants we planted in the Spring are in riotous blue and yellow bloom. Butterflies flit langurously, enjoying the last days of Autumn. Transition comes in the flower beds without wars or rumours of war, but with a bloom and a feather.

I stopped in a hippie shop called Retro,but their black light room was labeled "fitting room", and the vibe was just not rocking.